Hassle Free Simply Accounting Data Entry

How Can I Enter the Data in the Most Efficient Way in Simply Accounting?

It all boils down to organization. lets take payables and bank statement. Here is how we do it and it works quite well. Categorize the receipts prior to entering the data into Simply Accounting. Organize all the receipts and invoices based on the way it was paid. For example, clip all the visa receipts together, all the debit card purchases in another pile and  all invoices paid by cheque together. Put all the bank statement and credit card statements in a pile sorted by date.

On the Receivable side. organize all sales invoices and cheque stubs together in date order. Some customers might have paid cash, debit or credit. In that case organize all receipts from your debit machine by date and pull out the deposit book to find cash deposits. It would be ideal to write on all invoice “Paid by Cash” and for customers paying by credit card or debit card, staple merchant copy of the debit machine to the invoice.

Once you have all your piles, start posting them one receipt at a time. Open SA and start Purchases, Orders & Quotes module. At the top confirm that Transaction is set to Invoice, and Payment Method is  Credit, Debit, Cash or Cheque. In the Invoice No. field type in something meaningful like maybe the last 4 digits of the credit or debit card. An example would be: Vi1234-ABCSuplies. Keep in mind that the invoice number has to be unique each time. by putting where the purchase was done “ABCSuplies” this will help keep the invoices unique. The rest of the fields are straight forward.

Later on when you search for for particular fiels in receipts, the invoice number gives you an indication of the purchase.

Good luck and if you have a question please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.