Simply Accounting 2011 Comparison

Simply Accounting 2011 Products ComparisonThere are 6 main type of SA 2011. They differ in:

  • Payroll capability is embedded in Pro with Payroll and Premium with Payroll.
  • Inventory management features.
  • Premium and Enterprise editions come with two-user license. If more than one person is  required to work on a set of data, these products should be considered.
  • Accessing customer support is available to Enterprise flavour.
  • Working in different currencies are unlimited in Premium and Enterprise, Pro can handle two.
  • Years of financial history are 7 for Pro and 100 for the top three products.
  • Prepare Bill of Materials are feature of the top 3 products.

Retail stores carry Payroll editions. If purchasing directly from Sage ©, add the option of Business Care Payroll or Gold plan.

The picture above shows side by side comparison. Click on the image for larger view.