13- Inventory & Services

Inventory Setup

This tutorial is for those who want to use the inventory module of Sage 50.

To get started take a note of the types of inventory you sell. You may want to categorize them in to groups and create a code and description for each item.

Start Sage 50 program and open Inventory and Services module and from the menu choose File – Create.







The 1st tab is Quantities. Input your item codes and description make sure Type is set on Inventory or services.







Click on Unit tab and enter the unit of measure. if the item is sold by the Foot, Each or Inch etc.








Click on Pricing tab and put in the different kinds of prices you have so it will automatically show up in the Sales Journal.









Click on Linked. In this screen the accounts will be linked. These accounts have to be created in the chart of accounts before you can access them here. These account numbers will appear when you are posing supplier invoices and customer sales invoices.








Depending on your company you might need to use Build category. This category is for manufacturing and it allows you to deduct from each raw material item and transfer it to a finished goods item which you can than sell as one unit.







The statistics tab will accumulate data from payable and receivable journals.







Hope this helped. Come back for more tutorials.


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