FAQ List

FAQ List

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Q. Can I install sage 50 program on more than one computer?

A. Yes, but you cannot have your data on all of them. You have to designate the software and data on one computer.


Q. If I give a backup of my data to the accountant can I continue entering data?

A. Yes you can. When you get the results of your taxes and year end journal entries from the accountant make sure you back date the year end journal entries to last fiscal year. Ex: your company fiscal year end is June 2014. You advance to next fiscal year and start recording transactions in the New Year. Once you get the yearend journal entries from the accountant those entries should be posted as of June 2014. Back date the entries so it updates 2014 as well as 2015. The system will give you an error but accept it.


Q. I gave a backup of my company data for some payroll errors to be fixed. can I continue recording entries.

A. No, do not record any entries until that person is finished fixing the payroll errors and give you updated backup back. You can than restore and start posting entries. If you do not wait, your entries will be lost once you restore the backup with the payroll errors fixed.

Q. I recorded a supplier invoice and paid it. Now I need to adjust the supplier invoice but it’s been paid.

A. First reverse the payment so it releases the invoice back to being in payable position. Adjust your supplier invoice and create another cheque for the new total.

Q. I pay my suppliers with my own cash and credit card. My business is new and I do not use the business bank account much. Is there a shortcut to setting that up?

A. Yes. go to Setup – Settings – Company – Credit Cards – Used.

Record the credit card name or owner contribution or Shareholder (depending on your company’s legal entity) and link a payable account to each one. Sometimes it gives you an error when you want to choose the account number. It means that the account number you want to choose is not set up as a bank. go to the chart of accounts call up the account you need to change and under class options tab choose bank.

Q. I need to remove company name and address from pre-printed cheques.

A. Ok, it’s easy. From home screen go to setup – reports & forms – cheques.

Choose the bank account needed to be changed and click on customized form. Here you can take out the company name and address. Once your satisfied with your changed clicking OK will not save your changes you have to file – save and remember where you saved it in case there are other people using the same data base and need to update the file name in there system.

Q. I submitted the quarterly GST but now I have to make a sales invoice adjustment. Would the GST amount show up for next quarter.

A. Yes it will. Any adjustments you make that will affect any taxes GST or PST will show up as balance forward on your report and will be added to the balance owing for next quarter.

Q. I have remitted my source deductions every monthand submitted the T4 summary to CRA. I received a notice to pay CPP and EI. I guess I short paid durring the year. How do I record this in Simply.

A.The entry is easy. Credit the bank for the amount you have to pay and the debit goes to CPP and EI. record the CPP to CPP expense and EI to EI expense both in the 5 thousand series account numbers as an expense. You will do this through purchases, as word of advise so this entry does not get mixed up with the normal payroll entries. for your invoice number in the purchase journal use:   2012T4Summary. or that ever year this  payment is for.

Q. I have a small business and do not need the payroll module on my home screen is there a way to hide it.

A. Yes, Go to setup – user preferences – view. in the modules & icon windows untick the payroll box and click ok.

Q. I loged in to the simply program and forgot to change the session date. Is there a way to change the date within the program so I dont have to close it and re-open just to come to the date screen again.

A. yes you can. in the home screen under maintenance and change session date.

Q. We closed our bank account and opened a new one. How can I link and tell the system  to use the new account.

A. in the home screen go to setup menu – settings – payables and linked accounts you can update your bank account and click ok. repeat the same steps for receivables and payroll.

Q. My accountant converted my data file from 2010 to 2011. Is there a way to convert it back,or am I forced to upgrade? I don’t need Payroll or anything so no real need to upgrade.

A. You dont have to upgrad. But if the accountant adjusted your financials by positing entries you need to find out what those entries are and record them yourself in your old 2010 version and make sure the balance sheet/income stmt agrees with the accountant and tax return filed.

Q. I am invoicing a new customer, I want to add their name & address with the pay later option. How do I do this?

A. For this explanation I am in the Classic View of Simply Accounting Program which is located at top right hand corner of the home screen.

There are 2 ways of adding a new customer, either from Customer icoc or Sales, Orders & Quotes icon on home screen.  From Customer Icon click file creat. From Sales, Orders & Quotes icon type the customer name in the Customer field and press tab. the system will let you know this customer does not exist and let you do a quick add (no name, address etc) or full add (allow you to enter all customer information) do not choose one time customer. your entry will not be posted with the customer name and will be hard to find the entry later.

As for setting this customer as pay later. This function is at the sales entry level. click on sales, orders & quotes icon and enter the new customer name. the system is set to pay later as a default for all customer invoices unless you change it.

Q. Is there a way to get a report that shows complete details of a purchase/sales transaction that includes, Invetory number and description, expence account/revenue account.

A. From the Reports menu on the home screen go to Payables – Vendor Purchases. Selcect All Vendors. Select From should be set to Inventory by Assets. Report Quantities In should be set to Buying Units. Make sure Start and Finish dates are correct.  Report On should be set to Inventory & Services Amounts only. click ok to get your report.







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