PST and GST Tax Table Setup Sage 50

Sage 50 PST and GST Tutorial

First, You need to create a PST Payable account in the chart of accounts. In home screen click on chart of accounts-file-create. In the current liability section, 2000 series account, create your account number and the description should be PST Payable and The account Type should be general. Save and close.

You should be back at home screen. Click on setup-settings-company-sales tax-taxes.
In the tax colum type PST and in the account to track tax on purchases and sales columns choose the PST Payable account number you just created.

Next step- click on tax codes on left side of screen. In the code colum type PG and in the description type PST and GST on sales and in use in colum drop down menu or double click and choose sales.

Last step, double click in PG you just typed in the code colum. In tax colum type PST , rate colum type 7, included in price choose No and is refundable choose Yes.
Second line, in tax Colum choose GST , in rate colum type 5 , included in price choose No and is refundable choose Yes.

For your convenient a complete tutorial can be found in a pdf format by clicking on the follwoing Link.

PST and GST Setup