UPdate Form Numbers & Date

Q. I am no longer using preprinted invoices and have set up Simply Accounting to print invoices. How can I update the form number?

A. It’s easy to update form number. go to setup from main menu – settings – company information – forms. Here you can change payables, receivables and payroll form numbers. If its grayed out and you can’t access it. Switch to single user mode.


Q. we changed our bank account and I have to update to new chq number. Please help.

A. From main menu go to setup – reports and forms – cheques and choose the bank account. At the bottom of the screen under chq settings you can change to new cheque number.


Q. I want to change the date system from just numbers ex: 01/01/2015 to Jan 01, 2015. Can I do that in Simply.

A. You sure can. From main menu, go to setup – settings – company – date format. at the bottom of screen click on Long Date.